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Yoga of Wisdom 

Taught by Heidi Schindler, M.A.

Dharma talk and meditation by Craig Schindler, Ph.D.


The Yoga of Wisdom class is designed to be a sanctuary of deep relaxation and joy.  In a world that is often stressed and focused on the outside, Yoga of Wisdom is the practice of being still and going inside. During each class we will not only explore the yoga of the body but the yoga of guiding the mind to get in touch with the place of inner wisdom through asana, breath and relaxation


As expressed so poignantly by Francis of Assisi :

The one you are looking for is the one who is looking.


In each class you  will learn a set of yoga practices for daily meditation. The instructor, Heidi Schindler, M.A., leads the class in hatha yoga postures; yin-inspired yoga practices of staying in a relaxing and restorative posture; and meditation to be fully present with your breath and the inner body. The class culminates with a meditative reflection and dharma talk by Dr. Craig Schindler, Ph.D. on the timeless practice of wisdom in many traditions. Each class will be enhanced by special musicians paired for each session.


The Dalai Lama once described the dharma as any insight or practice from any of our great wisdom traditions that leads to your commitment to compassion for all beings. 


Each person will have the opportunity to learn these postures and work at his or her own comfort level from beginner to advanced. We will focus on the meditative aspect of yoga and the postures,  learn the Qi Gong movements for the Eight Wisdom Keys with the ultimate goal of quieting the mind, soothing the soul, breathing deeply and experiencing being fully alive


The practice of Yoga of Wisdom is about centering in the witness, your highest self; and being in alignment with your awakening.


Use our registration page and calendar to find and enroll in an upcoming class or contact us for more information.













You can also learn more about Dr. Craig Schindler's new book Revolution of the Spirit and companion seminars on the teachings of the Eight Wisdom Keys.










Commisioned Painting by Elijah Pfotenhauer

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